Online microcredit service “e-cabbage”. Microloans in e-cabbage: conditions, reviews

So today we will become familiar with this service “Cabbage”. Creating a micro or internet loan is pretty easy and easy to set up. In any case, the makers and some customers say so.

But is this a reality and not a lie? Can and should this service be trusted? Or is it better not to use microcredit on the Internet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the offer? What do users think about it? All this and not just further! 

What is


What is ‘cabbage’? A micro-loan, a loan, or simply lending money at some point in the network is not a fairy tale now, but a reality. Finally, our service today specializes in these services. And completely online.

This means that we are discussing a service that allows you to accept microcredit and loans without unnecessary paperwork. Yes, and anytime, day or night.

Quite a good offer if you change your mind. But what do users think of it? Is it possible to believe him? What key points should you pay attention to before taking a loan or a loan from this organization? Numerous user opinions on the company will help to understand all this.

Only recently


Start by “cabbage” (microcredit or credit with it on the network is no longer a problem) – this is a quite new service. It was created in 2012 but still works today. So we can assume that it is not a lie. After all, the scam usually opens quickly, the “bench” closes even faster.

In addition, users will notice that despite the short project lifetime, it is highly desirable. In fact, you will find many positive reviews about the company’s work on the network. However, there is no substantial evidence of the truth of the project. Maybe we are facing a really good scam or fraudulent organization? Finally, it is hard to believe that a loan or loan can be processed directly online at any time.



Understand the accuracy of the proposed services, sometimes just look at the terms of their provision. It’s possible there’s a trick. But it is not connected to the e-Cabbage service.

The point is that this project offers favorable conditions for obtaining loans. Moreover, they attract the audience quite strongly. For example, restrictions on lending – from 100 to 15 000 USD. You cannot take more for one application. In addition, loans are granted about a month and the interest rate pleases – only 2.3%. However, this rule applies only to the first week of service. After it is reduced to 1.7%. Very profitable, right? 

“Cabbage” (microcredit is now easier to organize online) helps to calculate the amount you will have to pay when you complete a transaction with the online service. A special calculator is available on the official website. It helps solve problems with interest rate changes quickly. This will please many.

Basically, this is where all conditions end. Remember, however, that you must be 18 years or older to obtain a loan or loan. This means that the service is initially available to adults only. This is a normal phenomenon that inspires public confidence. But is it worth confusion with the project? Or is it better to get around it?

Only this question raises many users’ opinions. It can be difficult to decide here. Some say you should not resort to loans and online loans, some say the opposite. However, the integrity of the project needs to be addressed.

Contacts and addresses


You can look at things like address organization and contacts. The site has a telephone hotline that you can always call and ask your questions. In addition, there is also an email in the form of contacts. However, “e-Cabbage” only has an email address. You can’t actually find it on the web. This phenomenon provokes many miracles – is this society so safe? Why doesn’t it have a single address to ask? 

Frankly, this is a suspicious phenomenon. On the other hand, we are only dealing with a virtual project. It does not have to have an address. This is not a reason to refuse to work with the service. The e-Cabbage project has a telephone for communication, mail – no problem, and whenever you have the opportunity to call and talk to operators, ask all your questions. This phenomenon is credible.


True, not everything is so easy and simple. After all, “cabbage” doesn’t get the best reviews. Rather, they are neutral or indeterminate. And users pay special attention to the project.

It does not give much confidence. Why? Outwardly, the service looks as if it did not issue you a loan, but to sell some kind of product. Many ads, positive reviews, as well as a detailed description of the terms of use of services with advertising notes. No significant specifics that could confirm the safety and integrity of the project.

But here you can see what Hotline has for e-cabbage. In addition, you have the right to check their performance at any time. Call for details? Easy! It is this phenomenon that is able to somehow convince an organization in good faith if it is based solely on the composition of the site. Yes, here you will find written information about loans and credits, but everything looks stereotypical. And of course in advertising form. 



Special attention is paid to the direct registration of services. E-Cabbage can receive a loan or microcredit, as the project creators point out, at any time of the day or night. In this case, you will realize in advance the full amount you will have to pay. As already mentioned, a special online calculator is available to assist you in the calculation, which is available directly on the organization’s home page.

In addition, the “e-Cabbage” application is not only online. It was also checked automatically. In this case, funds are collected when you need to. That is, immediately after the inspection, which usually does not last more than 1 hour. And it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night – you get a loan when you ask for it.

The design itself is without problems. Just include your contact information and choose your withdrawal method. For this service “e-Cabbage” receives very good reviews. After all, you can take a loan (loan) to a card, by bank transfer, withdraw money into an electronic wallet.

Nothing suspicious. After you receive the details for paying off the debt. All this will delight customers – now you no longer have to do extra paperwork! Do you need money? “Cabbage” will give you quickly under favorable conditions!

By the way, you don’t need any documents at all. The application for the issue of funds requires only information from the passport – personal data, registration, date of issue of the ID card. And nothing more. Easy and simple. This is also the reason why ‘cabbage’ (microcredit or loan is no longer a problem) receives positive opinions.